One year…..

One year……doesn’t sound like much in the big picture, but on the journey to breathing again it is significant.

One year ago today I suspended the use of all my asthma medications. This was not a casual decision by any account. Careful consideration was given to the progress being made with acupuncture, Tui Na and Tong REN treatments. A fair amount of time was given to understanding the side effects of all the asthma medications I had been taking as well. While the side effects are or can be different for each of us I began to realize many of the symptoms I had been experiencing were described quite well in the side effects sections of the medication literature.

With that said, it was a year ago today that I really started breathing again. While very apprehensive at first and anticipating the potential for a return of some level of asthma symptoms I cautiously moved forward. Clear breathing didn’t happen over night. It took a while for my system to clear of the pharmaceutical residue. The significance of disciplined and continuous treatment through acupuncture, Tui Na and Tong REN can’t be overstated. Monthly treatments and twice daily Tong REN tapping were absolutely the key to the success achieved in becoming pharmaceutical free. After a while I realized my asthma was being managed by a method other than pharmaceuticals.

Let me say that I don’t for a minute advocate for anyone to just drop their meds and see what happens. I paid close attention to what was going on with my body and understood the impact of the alternative treatments I had been receiving.

As time moved forward and encounters were made with seasonal allergy cycles I began to fully understand what was in progress.

Make no mistake……I am very humbled and feel most fortunate to be where I am today.

As I am learning it’s very much all about the immune system. As well as my asthma being in remission I have and continue to experience the healthiest year I’ve had in many, many years. A year free of serious allergies, colds and flu.

So, a final word for this post. This didn’t happen over night. There has been a big investment in treatments and it required considerable discipline and openness to the treatments. Diet and exercise played a big part too. Yes, I am most fortunate to have a wife who cooks so good and so healthy!

One year…….of breathing again and being pharmaceutical free!

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