This is Real!

It has been a long stretch since the last post and intentionally so. Not totally sure that the approaching pollen and allergy seasons weren’t going to trigger a relapse or have some negative impact on my condition I remained respectful of the good fortune I have achieved health wise. I am blessed and very humble to be so fortunate to be where I am today.

At this point I have passed through the Spring and Summer allergy seasons quite successfully. All the previous triggers for asthma came and went without an impact on my condition. I remain 100% pharmaceutical free as of this writing. In fact the one year anniversary of being pharmaceutical free is about three weeks from today.

With that date approaching and having had my annual physical within the last couple of days I felt compelled to update this story. I have the sense that the results of my physical seemed to validate all I have done in the past year to stay healthy. Diet, exercise and the alternative treatments I receive have all played a part in what has been the healthiest year I’ve had in decades. Yes, decades!

This is real!

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